English: Logo of Target, US-based retail chain

Target is in my neighbourhood, here in Coquitlam, BC.  I’m not a cross-border shopper, and cannot compare it to Target in the US, but I am excited to have this retail giant here in Canada.  On the second weekend after it’s grand opening, I finally made my way to Target, and made my walkthrough, through the store.  With my husband, toddler, and baby, we made our way around the perimeter of the store.  There were crowds, and long line-ups but I was highly excited to make this trip.  I haven’t decided whether the hype is justified, but curiousity and excitement  got the better of me. Me, with one child, and husband with the other, we somewhat went our separate ways.  I was quite happy to see such a large selection of products, but at first glance, it seemed as though I was walking through a newly revamped Zellers – but nope, it was a Target – there was no mistaking that with all the iconic red and Target logos around.  As I continued my walkthrough, my comparisons to Zellers seemed off.  This was most definitely Target, and it was sleek and much improved from it’s predecessor.  A grand improvement for the shopping mall.

Shelves were neatly stocked, and I scanned the shelves for prices, deals, and products.  I was surprised at the food/grocery section – I didn’t see any fresh meats like poultry or fish, but there were milk and eggs, and tons of canned and boxed goods like cereal, soups, etc..  Prices were comparable to other stores, and some deals were slightly better.

I didn’t have enough time to scout out the men’s and women’s clothes and shoes, but I quickly scanned the kid and baby clothes, and the prices and styles definitely are within budget and are good quality.   As a mother of a toddler and baby, I would definitely return to purchase my children’s clothes from here – good prices, nice designs, good quality.  I definitely would not break the bank by shopping here.

I will return to Target soon.  Yesterday, I received my second flyer, ever, for Target.  I will be taking advantage of the deals and offers there, and my husband and I definitely need a more thorough walkthrough of Target in Coquitlam, in order to get a better gauge and comparison to other stores.  I am on the Target bandwagon though.  Target will be a new experience for me, and I hope it does not disappoint!