Share bear follow-up

So I took the kiddos to the mall and saw poor Share Bear all cooped up in his cell. His digs weren’t so bad, actually. He had a lovely ottoman to sit on, and he had many visitors dropping by to chat and take pictures. Share Bear certainly has many friends – friends who couldn’t bare to see him go hungry, or be locked up in his cell. I certainly hope that Share Society meets its goal.

Below is a pic of Share Bear and some hand-painting, done by a lovely volunteer.

2013-06-20 16.16.52 2013-06-20 16.23.29


Share Bear Coquitlam

Today is the big food drive for Share Society in Coquitlam.

The Goal:  To raise 10,000 pounds of food, and $10,000 in donations.

Share Bear has been looking for food in all the wrong places, and he is now very hungry, and has been caught by local conservation officers!  Donations are being accepted to help bail out dear hungry Share Bear.  Don’t have a monetary donation?  How about extra food?  Share’s shelves (food bank) are near empty, and there is a great need for food donations!

The event is happening now, today, at Coquitlam Centre Mall, from 1pm to 6pm, outside the H&M entrance of the mall.

If you have some time, please visit the event for some family fun.  More info can be found here:

Not available to visit the mall today?  Donate online at:

If my kiddos cooperate and behave today, I may take the time to visit the event later this afternoon, and I’ll post about it tonight!

Hopefully Share Bear will be able to make bail tonight, and there will be enough food to stock up the shelves of the local food bank!!

What I’m drinking now

Mmmm mmmm, Coconut Water.  Packed full of electrolytes, less sugar than fruit juice, and satiating on a hot day!

I DO LOVE my fruit juice, and pop, however I’ve recently discovered the benefits of coconut water.  There are several different brands of coconut water.  Several of them add coconut flavoured jelly, coconut pulp, sugar, etc into their drinks.  I avoid those.  The additional additives do not tempt my taste buds, and in fact, I’ve dumped several of these down the drain, due to the unappetizing additional sugar content.  If I wanted a sugar-packed drink, I’d pick up a can of pop.

Pure coconut water… very thirst quenching.  And in fact, I’m drinking some now, as I type this!

Always Read the Label

Ever since I’ve been unemployed, and had my littlest baby, I’ve hardly spent any money on myself.  I’ve been unemployed since April 2012, and just had my littlest baby January 2013.  It’s been literally six months since I last purchased something solely for myself.  In January 2013 I purchased nursing tops from Motherhood Maternity.  Last week, I purchased a few summer dresses, non-maternity and non-nursing.  I was so happy and so excited!!

So what did I buy last week?  I purchased two dresses from Old Navy, and another from H&M.  I was SOOO excited to finally have something new to wear, and something that either wasn’t too tight across my post-pregnancy stomach, or wasn’t too baggy like my maternity shirts.  It fit JUST RIGHT.

I get home, cut the tags off, and throw them in with my regular wash…  without reading the label.  And what happened next was due to my own stupidity.  I assumed that all my purchases were cotton, because that’s what it felt like in weight and texture.  I assumed any shrinkage would be minimal.  I was wrong.

One of my summer dresses went from above knee length to just-below-my-bum length.  It could NEVER be worn out as a dress.  BUT thankfully the dress was a t-shirt style dress and can be worn as a tunic.

I can’t figure out how to post a pic, but here is a link to my shrunken dress.

I was devastated that my dress had shrunk in length.  It was a Oh Woe is Me moment, and a big Homer Simpson D’OH!!  But I am at least thankful that it can still be worn in another fashion/style.

So what’s the lesson?  ALWAYS read the label, before you wash!!  ...ALWAYS!

Caffeine Fix

This morning I fixed myself a large mug of coffee.  I normally don’t drink coffee unless I really need it, unless my energy is extremely low.  Well, this morning I really needed it.  Two days ago, I needed it too, except I was on the road.  I indulged myself with a Starbucks, a Skinny Vanilla Latte.  Slurp!  Other days, I just fix myself a cup of tea at home, and I’m fine for the rest of the day.

I follow several rules when I decide on tea, coffee, home-made, or purchased.

  1. If it’s free, or inexpensive, go for it.
  2. If tired, go for it.
  3. If in the morning, go for it.
  4. If really craving a gourmet cup of coffee, and all of the above rules apply, go for it.

Free and inexpensive are key words for me.  At my previous workplace, tea and coffee were provided in the lunchroom.  I drank a tea or coffee almost daily, there.

Two workplaces ago, tea and coffee were not provided.  Therefore, I would either drink a mug of tea at home (or take it on-the-go), or purchase a tea/coffee at the nearby Tim Hortons.

Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom, so retail tea and coffee is a luxury for me.  Homemade brews are what I do now.

Purchasing a daily cup of brew at retail prices really takes a bite into your wallet over time, especially depending on where you purchase, and what you purchase.  It’s surprising how much people are willing to spend to get their daily caffeine fix.  When I was young and single, I would spend upwards of $20+ on a caffeinated beverage per week.  As a stay-at-home mom of two children, with a mortgage, I barely spend that much on myself on a weekly basis.

I’ve become frugal in my “older” years, more responsible with how I spend.  But I guess that’s what happens as you gain more responsibility.  You learn to respect your hard-earned money, and you begin to worry about future savings…  And thus you get more frugal (or cheap).  Gasp!

Heavenly Coconut Bliss

I am on a dairy-free diet, and it’s been tough, especially when it comes down to desserts.  My favourite desserts are loaded with dairy – cakes, ice-cream, cookies, etc..  With summer weather on it’s way, I’ve been on the lookout for dairy-free ice-cream – specifically coconut ice-cream.  And I’ve found it, and I LOVE it.

Brand:  Luna and Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss

Flavour:  Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge

Place to purchase:  Thrifty Foods

Bonus:  Organic, Soy free, Gluten Free, Vegan




The taste is to die-for, and if I had no worries for my waist-line, I could (and might) eat the entire container in one sitting (although I would probably regret it by getting sick, soon after).

I am the only dairy-free eater in the household, so the entire container of Coconut Bliss is mine.  I’m fine with it, since I definitely would not want to share.  I’m a Glutton for Coconut Bliss, and I will definitely be looking out for more flavours!