Caffeine Fix

This morning I fixed myself a large mug of coffee.  I normally don’t drink coffee unless I really need it, unless my energy is extremely low.  Well, this morning I really needed it.  Two days ago, I needed it too, except I was on the road.  I indulged myself with a Starbucks, a Skinny Vanilla Latte.  Slurp!  Other days, I just fix myself a cup of tea at home, and I’m fine for the rest of the day.

I follow several rules when I decide on tea, coffee, home-made, or purchased.

  1. If it’s free, or inexpensive, go for it.
  2. If tired, go for it.
  3. If in the morning, go for it.
  4. If really craving a gourmet cup of coffee, and all of the above rules apply, go for it.

Free and inexpensive are key words for me.  At my previous workplace, tea and coffee were provided in the lunchroom.  I drank a tea or coffee almost daily, there.

Two workplaces ago, tea and coffee were not provided.  Therefore, I would either drink a mug of tea at home (or take it on-the-go), or purchase a tea/coffee at the nearby Tim Hortons.

Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom, so retail tea and coffee is a luxury for me.  Homemade brews are what I do now.

Purchasing a daily cup of brew at retail prices really takes a bite into your wallet over time, especially depending on where you purchase, and what you purchase.  It’s surprising how much people are willing to spend to get their daily caffeine fix.  When I was young and single, I would spend upwards of $20+ on a caffeinated beverage per week.  As a stay-at-home mom of two children, with a mortgage, I barely spend that much on myself on a weekly basis.

I’ve become frugal in my “older” years, more responsible with how I spend.  But I guess that’s what happens as you gain more responsibility.  You learn to respect your hard-earned money, and you begin to worry about future savings…  And thus you get more frugal (or cheap).  Gasp!


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