Always Read the Label

Ever since I’ve been unemployed, and had my littlest baby, I’ve hardly spent any money on myself.  I’ve been unemployed since April 2012, and just had my littlest baby January 2013.  It’s been literally six months since I last purchased something solely for myself.  In January 2013 I purchased nursing tops from Motherhood Maternity.  Last week, I purchased a few summer dresses, non-maternity and non-nursing.  I was so happy and so excited!!

So what did I buy last week?  I purchased two dresses from Old Navy, and another from H&M.  I was SOOO excited to finally have something new to wear, and something that either wasn’t too tight across my post-pregnancy stomach, or wasn’t too baggy like my maternity shirts.  It fit JUST RIGHT.

I get home, cut the tags off, and throw them in with my regular wash…  without reading the label.  And what happened next was due to my own stupidity.  I assumed that all my purchases were cotton, because that’s what it felt like in weight and texture.  I assumed any shrinkage would be minimal.  I was wrong.

One of my summer dresses went from above knee length to just-below-my-bum length.  It could NEVER be worn out as a dress.  BUT thankfully the dress was a t-shirt style dress and can be worn as a tunic.

I can’t figure out how to post a pic, but here is a link to my shrunken dress.

I was devastated that my dress had shrunk in length.  It was a Oh Woe is Me moment, and a big Homer Simpson D’OH!!  But I am at least thankful that it can still be worn in another fashion/style.

So what’s the lesson?  ALWAYS read the label, before you wash!!  ...ALWAYS!


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