Kid’s Feature: Jungle Jacs in Pitt Meadows

Last weekend, my 3 year old went to a birthday party at Jungle Jacs in Pitt Meadows, BC.  It’s basically a giant jungle gym for kids, that includes a toddler play area, ball area, sports area, and many other places where kids can “monkey around”.  This is not a place for helicopter parents, or for timid children.  Laser Tag and Mini-Golf are also available, although I did not see it, or participate in any of it.

So how did my 3 year old like this place?  Well, she just turned 3 years old in June, and sometimes feels more comfortable playing with littler kids, than older kids.  She first warmed up in the toddler area (technically for kids 3 and under), and then moved on to exploring other areas, tagged along with a parent (my husband).  It took some time, but the kid finally found her niche in the ball launcher area, not so daring as the big slides, but fun and tame enough for her to have fun and feel “safe”.

After about an hour of exploring and playing, the birthday party crew were called over into a Party Room, over the P.A. system.  The birthday party crew had exactly one hour in the room before being kicked out – just enough time to eat a snack and cake, and quickly open presents.  One hour, in my opinion, is not long enough for a group to enjoy their cake and opening presents.  However, Jungle Jacs is super-popular as a birthday-party-destination, and there seemed to be non-stop birthday announcements over the P.A. system.  I am guessing that there were at least 5 or 6 parties there within a 2 hour span.  Therefore, given it’s popularity, I suppose a one-hour time-slot for a party room is fair.

So would I return?  Maybe when my youngest is old enough to enjoy it.  I definitely think it is a fun birthday destination for kids, and I am a fan of mini-golf.  I definitely wouldn’t mind trying that with my family.  I’m a sucker for family activities, like this, though, possibly because I never experienced activities like this when I was growing up (not that I feel particularly deprived, or anything). I really just enjoy channelling my inner-kid.  Thank goodness I can use my own kids as an excuse to do something childish like this!



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