McDonald’s Coupons are In!

Woot, I love finding McDonald’s coupons in my mailbox!  Why?  Because that’s the only time I will ever go to McDonalds, is with a coupon (well, with the exception of when I’m on a road trip.  Road trips inevitably lead to fast-food meals).

My favourite purchase (with a coupon) at McDonald’s has to be their breakfasts.  I’m not fussy about the burgers, or McCafe drinks, but I do love their hasbrowns and Egg McMuffins, served with a nice hot coffee.  There’s something about their McMuffins that can’t be reproduced at home, in your very own kitchen.  Although, if anybody reading this has their own method of making an Egg McMuffin (from home), I’d appreciate the recipe.  I’m willing to keep trying!

In any case, McDonald’s breakfasts, here I come!  🙂


Summer Fresh Fruit

I love summertime for it’s abundance of fresh fruit.  Being on the West Coast in British Columbia, the weather is perfect for growing berries, fruit trees, and whatever else you can think of.  Fresh corn on the cob is also a favourite of mine.  The best way to eat summer fruit, is simply rinsed/washed, and then down into the tummy it goes!

A few places I’ve been to for picking fresh fruit, is Krause Berry Farms, and Dreidiger Farms,  There are also many other farms, of which I haven’t visited, some in Richmond, Delta, Surrey, and Maple Ridge.

Many years back, I’ve also frequented Meadows Maze, at least 3 or 4 times.   There are hay rides, a corn maze, petting zoo for small children, etc..  It’s a great place for adults who enjoy the challenge of getting lost in a maze, and a great place for families too.

Unfortunately, we will not have the chance to visit any farms or corn-mazes this year.  So the next best method of getting fresh farm fruit, is via Farmer’s Markets.  I enjoy walking amongst the stalls of Farmer’s Markets, seeing the fresh fruit and vegetables, eyeing the jars of delicious honey, smelling the fresh baked bread…  I should say, though, that not all Farmers Markets are equal.  Some are larger than others, some have more variety, and others have more of a “community” feel to them, with local performers attending the event, and with kids’ tents to entertain and attract children.

If you are in an area where Farmers Markets are few and far-between, or simply non-existent, I encourage you to purchase locally-produced fruit.  Look for the “Made in BC” sticker (or “Made in wherever you happen to live” sticker).  Local fruit and vegetables are more fresh, and your “local” purchase helps the domestic economy.

In any case, I believe I will be visiting Farmers Markets more frequently, as I am now beginning to prepare my own baby foods – fresh, local, and organic (whenever possible) are what I’ll be looking for, for my baby’s produce!



Review: David’s Tea

I have never been to a David’s Tea before, until two weekends ago, and I must say that I enjoyed it very much.  It will be my new go-to place for a refreshing beverage – a much healthier, less sugary, tapioca-less alternative to bubble-tea.  Ah yes, bubble-tea.  I used to crave bubble-tea regularly, until I became more conscious of the amounts of sugar I was consuming with each sip.  Even asking for “less sweet” at the counter, still had me wondering if they actually added less sugar (which of course, they did).  But now, bubble-tea, move aside, I have discovered iced-teas at David’s Tea, and they are thirst-quenchingly tasty.

So what did I order, that now has me hooked?

On my first visit, I tried a tea-pop.  Flavour: Tropicalia.  I liked the flavour of the tea, sweetened with agave, but the carbonated water was a bit too… “pop”py.  I decided that tea-pop was not for me.

On my second visit, I tried an iced-tea.  Flavour: Guava Cadabra Lemonade, sweetened with honey.  It had the perfect flavour of guava-tropical-fruitiness, without being too sweet, or too overwhelming.  It was also thirst-quenching.  Cost?  $3.  A very good price, for what I was getting, in my opinion.

There has only been two visits, though, but I like what I’ve tried, and so many of their flavours look promising!