Review: David’s Tea

I have never been to a David’s Tea before, until two weekends ago, and I must say that I enjoyed it very much.  It will be my new go-to place for a refreshing beverage – a much healthier, less sugary, tapioca-less alternative to bubble-tea.  Ah yes, bubble-tea.  I used to crave bubble-tea regularly, until I became more conscious of the amounts of sugar I was consuming with each sip.  Even asking for “less sweet” at the counter, still had me wondering if they actually added less sugar (which of course, they did).  But now, bubble-tea, move aside, I have discovered iced-teas at David’s Tea, and they are thirst-quenchingly tasty.

So what did I order, that now has me hooked?

On my first visit, I tried a tea-pop.  Flavour: Tropicalia.  I liked the flavour of the tea, sweetened with agave, but the carbonated water was a bit too… “pop”py.  I decided that tea-pop was not for me.

On my second visit, I tried an iced-tea.  Flavour: Guava Cadabra Lemonade, sweetened with honey.  It had the perfect flavour of guava-tropical-fruitiness, without being too sweet, or too overwhelming.  It was also thirst-quenching.  Cost?  $3.  A very good price, for what I was getting, in my opinion.

There has only been two visits, though, but I like what I’ve tried, and so many of their flavours look promising!


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