Cineplex Community Day (Free Movie) Sat Nov 16 9am!!

If you do not mind waking early to watch a free movie Saturday morn, then this event is for you!

Cineplex Odeon is having their Community Day this Saturday, with theatres opening their doors at 8:30 am, to show free movies beginning between 9am and 10am.  Check your local theatre for more info, on specific times and movies, as they can vary depending on location.  Concession snacks will be $2 each, with all the proceeds being donated to the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

I think this is the perfect event for those with families, where the cost of paying full admission can be prohibitive.  How much damage can “free” make to your wallet?  The only thing is that you will most likely have to deal with a nice line-up before the start of the movie!



The Best Things in Life are…Free!

I have to admit that I have a really soft spot for free things.  I live for that feeling when a special surprise arrives in my mail box.  What can it be?  But I know what it is!  Most likely that sample of Tide pods that I requested 4 to 6 weeks ago.  And over an unspecified length of time, I have collected over a dozen laundry-associated samples that it has saved me from having to run out to buy a warehouse sized bottle of detergent just before the bottle ran dry.

Samples have also saved me from buying a newly marketed product at full price and size that I may not consider ever buying because I believe it’s a gimmick.  Try before you buy – it’s exactly what samples are for.  And better yet, many are freely mailed to your home.  The best tip in receiving free samples is to regularly check the following blogs:

I check Canadian Savers daily by clicking on their “Free Stuff” tab that is updated throughout the day.

Signing up for general product websites such as P&G Brandsavers ( not only offers up free sample packages seasonally but is a great portal for coupons on everyday items.  It also doesn’t hurt to email companies and brands directly to see if they offer coupons or product samples.

Get searching for free samples for your favourite brands and items, and sign up for those mailing lists.  You’ll be surprised by the multitude of free items that are available.  Happy Freebie-ing!


McDonald’s Coupons are In!

Woot, I love finding McDonald’s coupons in my mailbox!  Why?  Because that’s the only time I will ever go to McDonalds, is with a coupon (well, with the exception of when I’m on a road trip.  Road trips inevitably lead to fast-food meals).

My favourite purchase (with a coupon) at McDonald’s has to be their breakfasts.  I’m not fussy about the burgers, or McCafe drinks, but I do love their hasbrowns and Egg McMuffins, served with a nice hot coffee.  There’s something about their McMuffins that can’t be reproduced at home, in your very own kitchen.  Although, if anybody reading this has their own method of making an Egg McMuffin (from home), I’d appreciate the recipe.  I’m willing to keep trying!

In any case, McDonald’s breakfasts, here I come!  🙂