Fall is Here?? Deny Deny Deny!

It’s dawned on me that those who commit fashion faux-pas around this time, are just confused and in denial that cooler weather is upon us.

Is it sunny?  Wonderful. Is it a bit cool and breezy?  Chance of showers?  No problem.  I’ll just put on my cropped pants, summer top, and summer shoes to accommodate the sunniness, then, throw on a creepy-looking trench coat over my summer-wear, and carry my umbrella.  Voila.  I have an outfit for sunny weather, and rain.  Ummm… NO.  (And yes, I saw someone with this exact outfit, just yesterday).

Sunny Autumn weather usually means a more crisp cold air.  It’s completely inappropriate (and weird) to be wearing summer wear, with Autumn layers and jackets, etc..  It just simply looks odd.  If you are looking for “in-between” outfits while you wait for the warmish-sunny weather to turn cooler, please choose your clothing items with more care, and layer your clothing more appropriately.  Turn to warmer Fall colours, longer pant lengths, and layers up top.

I am far from being the fashion-police, but when your outfit screams multiple-season disorder,  and if it looks like you just threw on whatever available clothes were on the floor (whether clean or dirty), then you are a walking fashion no-no.  Yikes!  An extra few minutes to take care of your appearance goes a long way, in making good impressions, not to mention that a good appearance helps boost your own self-confidence!

So, yes, Fall is here.  Denial won’t prevent the weather from cooling down, so just roll with it, and embrace the new season.  Put away your summer clothes, and move on!