Earlier this week, I found a book near the check-out of the library. At first, I was like… “uh-oh, somebody forgot their book!” I was about to return it to the Librarian when I noticed a sticker on the front of the book. It read:

Howdy! Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag!
I’m a very special book. You see, I’m traveling around the world making new friends. I hope I’ve met another friend in you. Please go to and enter my BCID number (shown below). You’ll discover where I’ve been and who has read me, and can let them know I’m safe here in your hands. Then… READ and RELEASE me!

How neat is that?? So of course, I took the book home with me, to read, and afterwards, i will “release” it back into another public space!  (I’ve also registered the book online too, for others to track and see where it’s been and where it’s going).

I was very excited to find this book, because years ago (more than 10  years), I stumbled across another book that was part of the BookCrossing circulation.  I stumbled across Wayson Choy’s the Jade Peony.  Unfortunately, it was a book that I just couldn’t get into, so I passed it onto my sister, who then left it at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR).  Where it went, I wasn’t certain, but somebody (I’m hoping) must have picked it up, and kept it going!

The book I found earlier this week, is The Cure for Death by Lightning by Gail Anderson-Dargatz.  Life has been hectic for me this week, so I haven’t gotten past the first few pages of this book, but I WILL read this book, and I WILL re-circulate this book after I’ve finished.  I actually have no idea what this book is about, but I’m sure I will enjoy it.

In any case, to find out more about BookCrossing, check out their website.  I hope to find a few more of their books after I’ve finished with this one!